October 2017 Update

Here’s a summary of recent developments regarding local planning applications which are likely to affect village residents. As you will see, things are once again starting to ‘move’ and we will endeavour to keep you updated on decisions and outcomes if and when they occur. We are aware that since the Save Clyst St Mary campaign was first launched, nearly four years ago, a number of new residents have moved to the village who may wish to join the group. Should you know of anyone who has moved here since early 2014, we would be grateful if you could forward this document and encourage new residents to sign up to subsequent updates (via our email address or a note through the door of No11 Clyst Valley Road.


 Hybrid application for 150 houses at Winslade Park

Most of the residents of Clyst St Mary have received either an email or a letter from East Devon District Council explaining that the planning application will be heard by the Development Management  Committee  at 2pm on 31st  October. We urge you to come along and support a number of Clyst St Mary residents who have volunteered to speak, along with consultants, at the Knowle in Sidmouth.

Although we remain open minded regarding the eventual solution to this site – and accept that some sort of development is inevitable; the site cant remain abandoned in perpetuity –   the Save Clyst St Mary Campaign has grave reservations regarding these proposals for Winslade Manor and the Stables  block because the developer hasn’t offered any solution to a number of key National Planning policies such as :

  • The flooding that has continued to occur at the site and the proposals to build houses and industrial buildings in the areas that frequently flood (Zone 2 and 3 high risk flood areas)
  •  The continual traffic problems that we encounter daily; the developer has failed to put in an up to date traffic plan
  • The fact that our village remains unsustainable for such a significant population increase (potentially over 100%!), having only one shop, an over-subscribed school and a pub
  • Lack of public transport links and the scale of congestion that already occurs on a daily basis (set to be exacerbated by the poorly considered location to the new development’s entrance by our Village Hall)
  • The loss of the leisure facilities (Stables Club) previously used by residents of all ages that were closed down
  • The proposed site sits outside of the current approved Built Up Area Boundary.

These are just a few of the many valid reasons why the proposals won’t enhance our village; worryingly, the proposed scheme has numerous other flaws about which we have serious concerns.

At the time of writing, our East Devon District Councillor Mike Howe, objects to these proposals, however the officers at East Devon District Council are still recommending approval for the planning applications. We hope you will support us in continuing to fight their decision.

Anaerobic Digester at Enfield Farm, Oil Mill Lane

The planning conditions regarding an increase in feedstock for the digester have also been added to the same agenda on 31st October at 2pm. As you will probably remember, the digester has caused no end of nuisance smells to many residents for a considerable time. We have been informed that the problems have now  been resolved, but we remain extremely cautious given the nuisance that this caused residents for so long.

We will be providing speakers to explain why the A3052 and the A376, already at full capacity, can’t tolerate any more traffic. We will also be explaining why the residents in Clyst St Mary, especially those living in the Cat and Fiddle Park, strongly object to the manner in which this operation works.

At the time of writing, our East Devon District Councillor Mike Howe, objects to these proposals, however the officers at East Devon District Council are still recommending approval for the planning applications. We hope you will support us in continuing to fight their decision.

 Transport to or from The Knowle, Sidmouth at 2pm on 31st October

If anyone requires transport to support us at this meeting, please let me know.  We need a really strong turn out to show we are still behind our village. Three and a half years ago we were told that the development of Winslade Park was a ‘done deal’; as we have demonstrated, with your support, we can make a difference!

Land Adjacent to Winslade Park, Clyst St Mary (Known locally as the ‘Plymouth Brethren Field’)

We were advised in mid  September by Knight Frank that the Plymouth Brethren, the owner of this field, was considering selling the land using a closed bid system. The closing date is currently scheduled for 27th October 2017.

Upon hearing this, we considered it an excellent opportunity for the residents to gain some much needed sport and recreational space on this side of the village. (The land is already earmarked in our Neighbourhood plan, along with the green fields at Winslade Park, for Sport and Recreation purposes). After several meetings with various different parties from Clyst St Mary, it was decided that the way forward was for the Parish Council to enter negotiations to try and purchase the land. Should that prove too difficult, we have taken legal advice from Charlie Hopkins on proceeding down the route of Compulsory Purchase.

We will be looking for ideas of fundraising to assist in the purchase of this field. Obviously it will be no easy task, but the myriad potential benefits of a dedicated sports and recreational ground for villagers of all ages can’t be under-estimated.  Should you have any great plans, please let me know – any suggestions, small or grand, will be greatly appreciated! We will also be grateful for volunteers to help with fund raising activities. Again, please get in touch if you would like to get involved.

Village Emergency Plan

The Parish Council is putting together an Emergency Plan (in case a major incident occurred in Clyst St Mary). If you have equipment such as a 4 x 4 vehicle or a chainsaw etc, or a specific skill that you would be willing to use should an incident occur, please can you email the Parish Clerk (bishopsclyst@gmail.com)  stating what you’re able to offer.

Very best wishes (and thanks for your continued support)

Gaeron Kayley, Chair, Save Clyst St Mary Campaign



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