Solar Panel Blight – Pumpkins To Panels

Field off Oil Mill Lane earmarked for solar panelsAs someone who strongly believes that we should all being doing more to protect the environment and the planet from climate change I am a supporter of renewable energy.

However I am against switching over great swathes of prime agricultural land to solar panels as is proposed for 16 acres off Oil Mill Lane. Soon the field that is normally used to grow pumpkins to catch the Halloween market will be covered with panels as far as the eye can see.

alternative-21761_640The place for solar panels is on the roofs of commercial and industrial buildings. Fortunately the government is at last coming around to this point of view. In the article the Energy Minister says she is going to change the policy away from farm land to industrial areas. Click here to read the article

Personally I think the government should go much further and make it a planning requirement that all new commercial buildings have the maximum possible number of solar panels fitted so that these can feed into the national grid. These buildings use up green fields so by having panels on the roofs the owners are giving something back to the environment.

What do you think?

By the way if you don’t want to see a large solar farm close by Clyst St Mary your letter of objection needs to arrive at East Devon DC by 16 January. Click here for more details

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